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Really Inspiring Costa Vayenas – my personal take away when looking at 5000 years financial history – gold seems to be a pretty good hedge against falling empires and high interest rates

I think it is really great hat Jensen Huang talks openly about it – the truth is 7 out of 10 tech-startups fail – )!

I agree with @mathieuchabran – private debt will play a more dominant role in the future for example in funding #techstartups in Europe

Definitely worth listening to #ClayChristensen – my personal take away – on the long run investment in family and relationships pays off – only in the short run we think our career is the ultimate goal!

Great interview with #Elonmusk – thanks for sharing – a dedicated team is definetly a differentiation factor – but so is Fortuna Fit!

According to market research there is no denying the obvious: #Venturecapital has gone through a rough couple of months. Since the failure of #SiliconValleyBank investors’ confidence is rattled. Deal activity dropped in all stages and sectors during the first quarter of 2023, and the fundraising…

Ivy Advanced Business Coach

We are a entrepreneurs. We are CEOs. We are investors. We are some of the Top EU Coaches. We understand DeepTech, R&D and Tech Transfer. We have an international reach. We are specialists in some specific Industries. And we do…

Lessons learnt from coaching deep-tech SMEs

I have asked myself a question? What are the key learnings I take away? What have deep tech companies that crossed the value of death successfully in common? Why do some tech companies race easily money which professional investors while others…