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I have asked myself a question: what are the key learnings I take away from my coaching so far ? What have deep tech companies that crossed the value of death successfully in common? Why do some tech companies succeed while others fail? To give an answer I have developed a methodology called “Playing to win” which is in the center of my coaching approach.

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“It is of great advantage to make the mistakes from which one can learn quite early on.”

I am happy to enjoy the benefits of Austria with my family. The snow-covered mountains in winter, the fascination with the stars at night, and the opportunity to spend the summer at the lakes provide me with sources of inspiration. Learning from others and walking through life with open eyes is my motto!

My book

We are experiencing the biggest financial crisis of the 21st century. More and more people get affected and lose trust in the current financial systems. How did it come to these developments? The expert and author Martin Theyer succeeds in an intriguing  way  to explain the complex events with the  destructive power of a Tsunami that seemingly unnoticed for along time  has reached our financial world.

The book is available on Amazon and selected bookstores


As an Ivy Business coach, I can  help companies in growing periods or transitions to achieve or reinforce their readiness, either if you are looking to achieve Technology, Business, or Investment Readiness.


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Really Inspiring Costa Vayenas – my personal take away when looking at 5000 years financial history – gold seems to be a pretty good hedge against falling empires and high interest rates

I think it is really great hat Jensen Huang talks openly about it – the truth is 7 out of 10 tech-startups fail – https://lnkd.in/dviQ-sEM)!

I agree with @mathieuchabran – private debt will play a more dominant role in the future for example in funding #techstartups in Europe

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